Tips and Tricks Vol 2

Since my October 6th posting was entitled tips and tricks vol 1, that means I have to post at least one more volume. Hopefully this won’t be the last tips and tricks posting.


Today’s item is changing the display resolution so you can run at a higher resolution then what you might have ended up with at the end of setup. To do this, requires editing the registry and if you pick a resolution your video card or monitor can’t display, you might have to reinstall – although you will hopefully boot and can again remotely modify the settings in the registry.


To do this you will need to use regedit.exe on another computer to remotely access the registry on the Server Core box and navigate to:




Under this will be a list of GUIDs and you will need to determine which one cooresponds to your video card/driver. This might require some experimenting to determine the right one. Under the GUID, you can set:




To the resolution you would like to use. If these don’t exist, you can create them. This change requires you to log off and back on again to take effect.


A follow up to last weeks post is a link to some WMIC samples:



Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    After playing with the remaining Control Panel applets it’s time to look at how Server Core looks on

  2. teamdhcp says:

    I hope the type of DefaultSettings.XResolution & DefaultSettings.YResolution is DWORD

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