Tips and Tricks vol 1

This edition of the Server Core blog will include a couple of tips and tricks to make working with Server Core and the command line easier.


Time in Server Core

This first one will be a flash back to the old MS-DOS days. Since Server Core doesn’t have the system tray, there is no clock. If you are used to having the time available on the screen, you can add it to your prompt in the Command Prompt window. Entering the following:

prompt [$t]$s$p$g


Will display:

[14:27:06.28] C:\users\default>


Making Client Drives available in the Terminal Services Client

You can access the local drives on the computer you are running the Terminal Services Client on in the Command Prompt window on Server Core. To do this:

Start the Terminal Services Client

Select the share disk drives option (this is Drives option under the More button on the Local Resources tab in the Vista Terminal Services client)

You can then access any drive using \\tsclient\c.


Once configured, to get a directory listing of the C drive of the computer you are running the TS client on, you would run: dir \\tsclient\c.


Running “net use” will give you a list of all the drives available from the client.



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