MED-V 2.0 Workspace doesn’t start after FTS

I have found strange situation when after FTS (first time setup) process I see following picture all the time:

and virtual machine didn’t start and was running in kind of loop.

First thing which I didn’t like was message “Recommended updates for Integration Components available” but I was 100% sure that I installed them during Windows XP image creation. Further investigation showed that Integration Components inside not syspreped Windows XP have the following version:

I logged in to the MED-V Workspace in full screen, uninstalled Integration Components, rebooted VPC, installed new, rebooted VPC and as result I have had new version:

When I run Workspace again VPC start window looked different:

and MED-V Workspace loaded without delays.

I got new Integration Components bits from Workspace, packaged them and pushed via SCCM as an update to already deployed MED-V computers.

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