Hello readers, and welcome to new blog, Peanut Butter Security.


Ok, stop.  First question:  Why Peanut Butter Security?

Well, the answer is pretty simple...I like peanut butter.  In fact, I really like peanut butter.  But the concept of peanut butter is very simple; you take peanuts and smash them into a paste, and apply the paste to the starchy object of your choosing. Some folks cook with it, as is popular in many Asian cultures.  Some people eat it with a spoon right out of a jar (no judgment here). Some terribly unlucky people are allergic to it, as well (peanut oil, technically).  But everyone knows one thing about peanut butter:  PEANUT BUTTER STICKS!

And that's the concept I'm trying to deliver here, security and technical points that stick.

So go forth and read on.  Even if you are allergic to peanut butter, I can promise you that you will survive this blog, and hopefully learn a few things along the way.

Sean Harper

Premier Field Engineer


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  1. Thank you it is a good tip to food lovers to get a support with peanut oil, technicall.

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