2014 Sci-fi and Superhero TV Guide

This is the big week for Fall TV, with several shows returning and some great new shows starting as well. I recently went through the Fall 2014 grid to research shows for Parker (my 9yo son) and I, so I thought I should share my thoughts and recommendations.

Acknowledgement: Fall TV grid information and some synopsis text from epguides.com and tvrage.com. I wholeheartedly endorse, thank and recommend them!

Shows below are listed in roughly the order of my interest (not by when they come on).


gotham Gotham. (Sep 22, 8:00PM, Fox) Batman’s main city, before there was a Batman. The show focuses on a young detective Gordon (long before he becomes commissioner) paired with Harvey Bullock to solve a high-profile case: the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Expect to see many future super villains this season in their pre-crazy identities (e.g. Selena Kyle, Oswald Cobblepot).
blacklist-140 The Blacklist. (Sep 22, 10:00PM, NBC) Red continues to battle Berlin and faces a new threat from a man named Lord Baltimore. An important person comes back from the past into Red's world. Meanwhile, Liz tries to move forward with her life after her showdown with Tom.
sleep-hollow Sleepy Hollow. (Sep 22, 9:00PM, Fox) We didn’t watch season one, but since it was renewed, I think we might go back and catch up, so we can continue with this season. If you watched it, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.
ascension Ascension. (Nov 24, 9:00PM, Syfy) Not sure about this one, but plan to check to the first few episodes and decide. Synopsis: A young woman's murder causes the passengers of a starship on a secret century-long mission to populate a new planet to question the project's true purpose as they approach the halfway point in their journey.


shield Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Sep 23, 9:00PM, ABC) Okay, it took a while to get rolling in the first season, but it finished up strong, leaving a lot of questions after the confrontation (and crossover to Captain America : the Winter Soldier) with Hydra. Coulson and his team are now wanted fugitives with limited resources -- but that's not stopping them from keeping the world safe from powerful and unseen threats everywhere. However, with new members they hardly know, will S.H.I.E.L.D. ever be trusted again?
forever Forever (Sep 23, 10:00PM, ABC) This is a good one. Parker and I watched the pilot online and really liked it. Somehow 200 years ago, Dr. Henry Morgan became immortal and has since became an expert on ways to die – so he is particularly useful in solving crimes.
flash The Flash (Oct 7, 8:00PM, CW) A freak accident causes a forensic scientist to become a superhero after he gains the ability to move at incredible speed. A spin-off of Arrow, originally based on the DC Comics series. Honestly, I don’t expect this series to make it to season two, but one can hope!
person-of-interest Person of Interest (Oct 7, 10:00PM, CBS) Looking forward to season four. If you haven’t watched this series, you should check out the previous seasons on Netflix, especially with all of the bleed over into political reality this past year with the NSA, Snowden and privacy issues.


arrow Arrow (Oct 8, 8:00PM, CW) Season 3. With crime in Starling City at an all-time low thanks to the Arrow and his team, Oliver thinks he can finally balance being both the Arrow and Oliver Queen and asks Felicity out on a date. However, when a new villain emerges, who has claimed the name Vertigo from the recently deceased Count, Oliver is caught off-guard and someone close to him is hurt. Oliver and a newly suited up Roy take on the Count.
the100 The 100 (Oct 22, 9:00PM, CW) I have to admit I’ve never watched this, but included since it is clearly sci-fi. 97 years after a nuclear war, leaders of the survivors living on a cluster of space stations in orbit around the Earth secretly send a group of a hundred teenage delinquents down to the surface to test whether it has recovered enough to become habitable again.

NOTE: Updated to include Mon, Tue & Wed shows before they started, so I’ll come back and update this post for other nights.

Happy viewing and please post a comment if you have thoughts on any of these shows!

~ @securityjones

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