Belated Farewell to My Yahoo! Home Page

Today, I’m bidding a belated farewell to my Yahoo! home page (, which has been my browser home page for over 16 years.  I say belated because I really haven’t visited it much since Yahoo! forced the new home page format on me and reduced the key capabilities I’d been using for so long. Though I tried other home pages over the years, I always came back because, you were the best at giving me what I wanted in a home page … but I have to face reality.

Farewell, old friend, we’ve been through a lot together, but we need to both recognize and acknowledge that we’ve grown apart and you are simply not meeting my needs anymore. I can’t really blame you, it’s not your fault - I blame it on your new friends and what they’ve been telling you.  When you had your makeover, told you that it was “… a good first step” and called you “… more ‘intuitive and personal’”, so I understand why you’ve embraced your changes.

I have a different perspective.  I miss the days when you were useful and when the information I needed was right there and easy to find.  Superficially, you seem similar – but beneath the skin, where it counts, you’ve lost that special something in order to fit in and be part of the cool crowd. 

I hope your new “friends” are worth it, because you’re going to have to get along with out your old set of friends, who’ve tried desperately to get you to see reason.  Strangely, this webpro story had a positive tone and key message pick-up for Yahoo! (similar to the cnn one I mentioned above), but I couldn’t find a comment on the article that was positive – not a single one.  Here is a small sampling from (probably now former) users of

  • I absolutely hate the look and lack of functionality of the "new" yahoo homepage. What garbage.
  • The new version is crap. Not user friendly AT ALL
  • The new Yahoo homepage has been a royal pain in the has no new features, adds not one iota of new information and after having spent hours fiddling with it, still doesn't work.
  • Been a my yahoo user since the 90s. It baffles me how poor the new site is. How something like this happens is beyond me. Is it really possible that the peeps in charge at yahoo are that clueless? Have they ever used the page? Did they even get an ounce of feedback from regular users?
  • Can't believe what a step backwards this is. Loss of functionality and poorly functioning links have me searching for alternatives. To still use some remnant of the old my yahoo page I'm using instead. I know that will disappear too so I'm leaving as soon as I can.
  • Anybody remember the "New Coke" some years back??
    Similar screw-up here. Yahoo had a good thing going, but now they are pushing users away in droves. I wonder how long until they offer a Yahoo Classic ??

Similarly, users provide pretty clear feedback on the positive cnn “step in the right direction” article – again, I could not find a single comment in support of your makeover:

  • If it's not broke, DONT FIX IT! Please bring back the old format. This one looks looks like 12 year old did this
  • Sorry, Yahoo. The new page gets a failing grade. It is not intuitive and is actually clumsy to use. The "Infinite Scroll" is a huge waste of bandwidth, RAM and CPU. It does not fit well on a smaller monitor.
  • I agree with everyone , HATE IT !!!!!!!! Thought something wrong w hubby computer then came to mine and everything has changed !!!!
  • I think that the new homepage sucks! All my favorites are gone. If there are going to make changes then Yahoo should give users the option to choose a "classic" version. My opinion is "if it's not broke then don't fix it"!
  • Along with everyone else, I hate it. I can't find my favorite sections any more. It is too busy and not intuitive. I also hate the new Mail format. Both take too long to load even on faster computers. I wasn't given an option to stay on classic for either.
  • It beggars the imagination that the designers who designed the new home page and the corporate executives who approved this change could make such an egregious error in judgement. If anyone goes to the Yahoo news page where Yahoo users are discussing this change you will find over 4800 comments of which the overwhelming majority are voicing negative opinions of the change.

These voices … say it better than I can.  Remember how I used to always keep a portfolio of companies – not because I owned the stock – but so I could click through and look at the news headlines related to all of them for the day?  I could click on my “Open Source” portfolio of companies or “Software leaders” portfolio and see all of the related news and quickly get to what I wanted to know.  Now, if I click on the portfolio, it collapse the list – seriously, I feel deflated.

So, goodbye and best of luck!  I want to say that we can still be friends, but really, you know that never works out very well.  I’ll smile fondly when some other web site mentions you name once in a while, and I can honestly say I wish only the best for you, but I’ve already moved on.

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  1. zack says:

    What are some home pages as good as yahoo.??? I would like to change to. For one without all the ads. and other junk I’m not instersted in at all>>>

  2. BeLLa Page says:

    I run in current FireFox, today The Dreadful happened AGAIN. I went to TOOLS>Page Info>SECURITY and deleted all my Cookies, I also went to my Control Panel via START menu and cleared everything via Internet Options. It worked

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  4. Brad_Voris says:

    yahoo just has an extensive amount of clutter. I don’t mind for new but I don’t like the barrage of ads and catchy articles that lead you on a spiral of clicking images and links to find out "You won’t be leave what happened to so and so until she/he tried

  5. atm says:

    how to access yahoo mail

  6. Jennifer says:

    Yahoo has just changed their front page *again*. I hate it so much! All those stupid bubbles on the side, and it is so difficult to find news anymore. Why do they keep messing with their page? And why can’t I change it back? If anyone has any advice on
    how to revert back to a previous version of Yahoo, or on a better homepage, I’d love it hear it.

  7. Bruce says:

    they are really bad……………..the garbage ads, and political viewpoints on EVERY story has gotten too much for me to bear………..adios yahoo

  8. make yahoo my homepage says:

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  9. dolt says:

    Try it’s almost like the old yahoo home page and you can scroll thru the headlines.

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