PowerShell’s quick Tour of System Services

The Threats and Countermeasures Guide on system services tells us that any service can be a potential point of attack. So, want to see what services are running on your machine? In PowerShell here’s how to do it: From the PowerShell console run, Get-Service. That’s it. Lists all the services installed on your system. And…


Driving with one eye on the mirror…

As the writers focus on upcoming releases, we also are cruisng through the readership activity of published content and listening for developing trends in how our security technologies are being used. We work the backend to help us develop the upcoming content. Examples of this are AppLocker and Kerberos. AppLocker was introduced as the better…


November Updates – W8 and TNWIKI

Hello Community, one month has passed since we last updated this blog, sorry for that…we are really busy working on the content experience for Windows 8. Did you download Windows 8 Developer’s Preview yet? Did you see some of the cool security features that are coming? If not, take a look on those posts here:…


New articles published at TechNet Wiki

Hello Community! Just a quick update to let you know that this week we released two new articles at TechNet Wiki: Deploying Windows Server Updates Services (WSUS) 3 SP2 on a DMZ protected by Forefront TMG 2010 SP2 Unable to Download Updates from WSUS, Error 0x8024402c Besides that, we made a small change on the…


WSUS Page Updated

Hello folks, We just want to announce a small change on the WSUS Home Page: We added a link to the WSUS Learning Roadmap, which is a community based content on TechNet Wiki. What else do you want to see on the WSUS Home Page? Let us know by writing a comment on this post….


TechNet Wiki Security Portal

As you probably know, TechNet Wiki has different portals and one of those is dedicated to Security: If you visit this portal you will notice that we added a new entry that allows you to expand the Security Portal for a different language: The IT PRO community in Brazil started to add content on the…


Updates and Feedback

September is already here and our first wave of TechNet Wiki articles were released with two new additions: Event Settings on Windows – Security Considerations – this article cover some core security settings related to Events on Windows system. Unable to Update Forefront TMG 2010 NIS Signature When Using WSUS – this article cover some…


Last wave of updates for August 2011 – more WSUS

Today our last wave of updates for this month just went live, here are those (both related to WSUS): Configure the network connections: the update here was on the “Configure your Firewall” section, we added the second bullet as per recent feedback received from our support folks. Health monitoring in WSUS 3.0 SP2: this article…


Cryptography Next Generation and more WSUS this week

As I promised on the previous post here are some updates on TechNet Library and TechNet Wiki: Cryptography Next Generation Configure Automatic Updates using Group Policy Clients Unable to Receive Updates with Error 8024402C Keep in mind that many of the updates that we are doing on our TechNet Library are based on your feedback….


Credential Roaming and WSUS Updates at TechNet Wiki

I want to start this week by sharing a couple of new articles that we published at TechNet Wiki. The first one is about Credential Roaming behavior on Windows 7. The second one is about the general considerations regarding WSUS installed on a Domain Controller. Use the links below to access those articles: Credential Roaming:…