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As the writers focus on upcoming releases, we also are cruisng through the readership activity of published content and listening for developing trends in how our security technologies are being used. We work the backend to help us develop the upcoming content. Examples of this are AppLocker and Kerberos.

AppLocker was introduced as the better tool over Software Restriction Policies in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. AppLocker content was developed to provide both conceptual and procedural information before the product was widely deployed. As we hear feedback from deployments, writers update that content to promote greater success. Over the past year, here's what has been updated:

In the case of the Windows implementation of Kerberos authentication, the basic conceptual content was written in 2005. We have been posting changes with each release in the form of What's New or What's Changed. Additionally, we add to the documentation set as issues or specific deployments are brought to light. This work for deployed releases is then evalulated for upcoming content - either folded in to the foundational doc set, updated in place, or left to stand as a one-off topic. Here's what we did last year:

Eric Mitchell

Senior Technical Writer

Windows iX IT PRO Security Team

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