Windows Security Guide

Recently we released a newer version of the Threats and Countermeasure Guide and after that we received some questions regarding the Windows Security Guide. The most common question was: why when I try to download the Windows Server 2008 Security Guide from Download Center I get only the RTF file?

The answer is: the Windows Server 2008 Security Guide has been replaced by the Windows Server 2008 Security Compliance Management Toolkit, part of the Security Compliance Management Toolkit Series. Usually the follow up question is: ok, I installed SCM and I still can’t find the document. Where is it?

In order to visualize the document you need to load a baseline, to do that follow the steps that are available in the SCM screen as shown in the window below (Getting Started section):


Once you have the baseline loaded, highlight the baseline name in the left pane and choose Documents tab in the right pane. There you will see the Windows Security Guide document as shown in the window below:


From this point on you just need to open the document.

Note: For more information about Microsoft Security Compliance Manager visit .

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