Summary of the Meeting with Security MVPs

Last April 6th during the meeting with Security MVPs one of the subjects covered was the participation on the TechNet Wiki from the security content perspective. While some of the recommendations were specific to MVPs, there are some call for actions that are applicable for all IT PROs that are interested in contribute with Security Content on the TechNet Wiki. Here are some examples on how you can identify and contribute with security content:

Enhance Existing Articles

  • Example: use your WSUS knowledge to enhance the WSUS Troubleshooting Survival Guide. You can add a new section called “Scenarios” and add non documented scenarios in there and how to fix it.

Watch trends on Windows Security Forums

Security Tools is an example of an ongoing effort

  • Example: we currently have a Security Tools TechNet Article. What about having a TechNet Wiki Security Tools article that the whole community can enhance it?

Integration with Non Microsoft Software

  • Example: There are many non Microsoft applications that can be publish via TMG or UAG. Do you have a procedure to document how to publish Application ABC via TMG or UAG? Document it at TechNet Wiki!

Remember that your participation is vital for TechNet Wiki’s success. Participation is not limited to writing articles, you can also review it and get credit for doing that.

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