From End to Edge and Beyond–Episode 17 with Josh Adams

Welcome back to another fun and informative edition of From End to Edge and Beyond!

This is episode 17 and we’re getting close to a year old. It’s been a lot of fun and we have a ton of great things in the pipe for the next year. And we get to the close of our first year with a really amazing session with Josh Adams. Josh is a Program Manager in the Microsoft Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC) and Yuri and I work with Josh to design, test and document some amazingly cool Windows Server “8” cloud technologies and how you can use them in to build the core infrastructure for your private cloud.

In this episode, Josh walks use through some of the core networking, cluster building and storage configuration tasks used to build a private cloud infrastructure using Windows Server “8”. Almost all of session is demo – so grab some coffee, warm a muffin, and sit back and enjoy this first look on how to actually configure a basic Windows Server “8” cloud.



If you want to know more about building a private cloud infrastructure using Windows Server “8”, check out Yigal Edery’s post on the Private Cloud blog



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