Thank you for this great year !

Hello Community, today I’m here to say THANK YOU for this great 2011! This was a great year; it was the year that we launched From End to Edge and Beyond Security Talk Show. Our first episode was in May, when we debuted by interviewing Jim Harrison at Tom’s house. In 8 months we had 13 episodes (almost our goal – which is two episodes per month).

Security Talk in Numbers

In 2011 we had a total of 12 guests, where:

  • 3 guests were interviewed remotely using Lync
    • 1 MVP from US
    • 1 MVP from Slovenia
    • 1 Principal PM at MS
  • 2 MSFTE were interviewed at MS Las Colinas
  • 1 MVP was interviewed during TechED Russia
  • 1 MVP was interviewed at Microsoft Texas (Las Colinas office)
  • 1 MSTE was interviewed during TechReady13 in Seattle
  • 3 guests were interviewed during TechED Brazil
    • 1 MSFTE from MS Brazil
    • 2 MVPs from Brazil
  • 1 MSFTE was interviewed at Tom’s House (Episode 1)

In the last episode released in 2011 we had our first Demo Day, which is something that we plan to do more often in 2012, mainly because of the amount of new stuff that is coming next year. Be ready!! The chart below summarizes what we call a great start:


As you can see we had lots of visitors on our blog and most of them watch the video from there (here), that’s why the numbers on the Edge are way lower than in the blog, which is totally fine with us! The top 3 episodes (more number of views = blog + edge) in 2011 were:




Thanks to all guests that we had this year, your participation on the show was highly appreciate it !

What’s Next?

We have great plans for 2012, we already have a couple of guests for Episode 14 and 15. We will have the TechNet Guy on Episode 14 and we will have Thomas Detzner (from MCS) in Episode 15. I’m sure you remember Thomas, he (just like me) used to work on the ISA/TMG Team and we wrote many articles together for the ISA/TMG Team Blog, such as the infamous “Side Effects of Incorrect DNS configuration on ISA Server: 10060 Connection Timeout Scenario”.   Besides that we will soon announce our new book (stay tuned in this channel) and we plan (at least we sent the proposal) to be at TechED US 2012 in Orlando (if we get a thumbs up on our sessions, we will announce it here).

Can I participate?

Sure, we already invited you to participate and the same applies for next year.

Goodbye 2011 and welcome 2012, happy new year for all of you!!

Yuri Diogenes
Senior Technical Writer, Windows Server iX IT PRO Security
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Tom Shinder
Principal Knowledge Engineer, Microsoft DAIP iX/Identity Management/ICG
Anywhere Access Group (AAG)
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Comments (4)

  1. Thanks Paulo !! I wish you a great 2012 !!

  2. Paulo Oliveira says:

    Thanks you guys for this great show!!

    I am sure it will gets better and better (if the world does not end :P)

  3. Paulo Oliveira says:

    Ops, almost forgot, Happy New Year!

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