Episode 13 Demo Day with Test Lab Guide and Troubleshooting TMG Performance

Hello folks, Yuri Diogenes here and today I want to announce our first Demo Day Episode. The goal of the Demo Day is to bring to you a full episode only with Demos related to Microsoft technologies, including also some troubleshooting tips and other security related demos. However we understand that in order to start up a good demo you need a good lab, that’s why our first demo presented by Tom Shinder is about Test Lab Guide. Before watch the demo I truly recommend you to read the post below from Tom’s blog:

Test Lab Guides Lead the Way to Solution Mastery


This post will explain in more details what the TLG is all about and why it is so important for you to have your own lab to test those technologies.

The second demo, presented by me is about a subject that I wrote many times on my own blog: troubleshooting TMG performance issue. I know right, I love this subject. In this demo I use Windbg and Perfmon to troubleshoot a performance issue on TMG. It is important to set the correct expectation that this demo will provide the minimum steps to troubleshoot performance using those tools, I’m not trying to teach you how to debug, this can take way longer than just 15 minutes. The demo will only give you a basic foundation to understand what you can do using those tools in a situation like that.


If you have any suggestion for future demos please tweet it to us Smile (@yuridiogenes and @tshinder).


Yuri Diogenes
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