From End to Edge and Beyond-Episode 11: Threat Management Gateway 2010 Service Pack 2 Chat with MVP Richard Hicks

Hey folks! Tom here – it’s great to be back from Russia after I spent a fun filled week in Moscow where I attended TechEd Russia 2011. I also delivered two presentations there. I’ll give you the details of that trip next week, where we will feature an interview with one of our esteemed Russian Enterprise Security MVPs.

Our last episode, which was number 10, is going to be hard to beat. In episode 10 we talked with Tim Mullen. Tim shared with us a ton of great security tips and tricks. If you haven’t had a chance to see the episode, check it out . And if you like what you see, then buy Thor’s Microsoft Security Bible– it’s a GREAT read!

Tim is going to be a tough act to follow, so we had to look high and low for someone who could fill those mighty big shoes. We found a guy with some big feet for those shoes – Richard Hicks. Richard is a Forefront Edge MVP and a past master at all things ISA and TMG. In this episode, Richard tells us a little about himself and then dives into TMG 2010 Service Pack 2. If you have ever wondered why you would want to download and install TMG Service Pack 2, then you’ll do yourself a favor by watching this episode.

I hope you enjoy the show and we look forward to having you here with us for episode 12, where I talk about my trip to TechEd Russia 2011 and interview a great enterprise security MVP from Russia, Alexander Trofimov!



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