Security Talk Getting Closer to the Community–Episode 9

This is a very special edition of our Security Talk Show. Last month Tom and Yuri were on the road to talk with the community about security, cloud, IT career and other cool stuff. During this episode Tom Shinder describes his experience while he was at TechRepublic conference talking about Cloud Architecture and IT Career with this new shift to cloud computing.

Tom Shinder presenting at TechRepublic Conference 2011

Part of this episode was recorded at TechED Brazil that took place in Sao Paulo (Brazil) last September 29th and 30th. During TechED Brazil, Yuri recorded three interviews, one with Marcelo Tozin (Microsoft Principal PFE) about Cloud Migration, one with Paulo Oliveira (Forefront MVP) about endpoint security and Windows 7 security features and another one with Rodrigo Immaginario (Enterprise Security MVP) about DirectAccess and the Microsoft case study “University Eases Remote Access, Eliminates Support Calls Related to Connectivity”, lead by Rodrigo.

Yuri Diogenes presenting at TechED Brazil 2011

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