Welcome to Security Talk with Yuri Diogenes and Tom Shinder

Hey folks! I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about a new tech talk show. The name of the new tech talk show is Security Talk with Yuri Diogenes and Tom Shinder.

Yuri Diogenes, left. Tom Shinder, center. Jim Harrison, right.

This talk show will take the format of many of the talk shows you see on TV. We plan to publish two talk shows a month, and each show will typically start with an overview of current events in computer and network security and then move to a discussion to introduce the main topic of the show. Then we’ll bring on a guest who is an expert on that topic, who can provide us with unique insights into a particular facet of computer and network security. Guests will include Microsoft employees and Enterprise Security and Forefront MVPs.

We have a number of topics we think you will find interesting, but we’d like to hear about things you want us to cover. Some topics we have in mind include:

  • Network and computer security in a world without firewalls
  • Security in the cloud and cloud datacenters
  • Fitting patch management into a comprehensive security design
  • The role of security gateways in cloud computing
  • Identity management and access control – keys to success in a cloudy world
  • The importance of PKI on modern networks and PKI best practices
  • and more!

If you have any suggestions for other topics, we’d be happy to hear them!

To give you a taste at what we’re trying to do, we took advantage of the fact that Jim Harrison was in Texas to do a “test session”. This will give you a general idea of what we have in mind.

Yuri Diogenes and Tom Shinder interview Jim Harrison on Cloud Security and Forensics

Make sure to subscribe to Security Talk with Yuri Diogenes and Tom Shinder at https://www.youtube.com/FromEtoEandBeyond

We hope you enjoy the shows – our goal is to have fun, learn a lot, and have some more fun! See you there.


Tom Shinder
Principal Knowledge Engineer, Microsoft DAIP iX/Identity Management/ICG
Anywhere Access Group (AAG)
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Yuri Diogenes
Senior Technical Writer, Windows Server iX IT PRO Security
Yuri’s blog
: http://blogs.technet.com/yuridiogenes
Windows iX IT PRO Security Blog: http://blogs.technet.com/securitycontent
Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/yuridiogenes

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