Windows 10 and Security Compliance Manager (SCM) Baselines

[UPDATE: The draft guidance has been published here.]


We have been receiving quite a few inquiries regarding SCM security baselines for Windows 10.  The baselines are currently in development, and have been for a few weeks now and we are targeting a public beta either later this month (August) or September. 

The Windows 10 baseline will also include security settings for our new Edge browser, so you will be able to manage both the machine, user and now browser security settings from a single baseline. 

Watch this space for updates as well as release information as to how you can participate in the public beta.


Pat Fetty

Principal PM Manager

Enterprise Client and Mobility

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  1. John Penford says:

    Thanks for the update – looking forward to getting the SCM baseline policies!

  2. Tracy Moran says:

    Looking forward to the release of this baseline.

  3. Douks says:

    Is there any update on the public beta please?

  4. Coentjo says:

    Will there also be an update for SCM? With the current 3.0 version I am unable to create custom Baselines for Windows 2012 R2 and 8.1 and add extra settings to them. As far as I have found this seems to be a ‘known issue’ but is has not been solved yet
    which greatly decreases the usability of the baselines

  5. Mikael Grath says:

    keep up the good work 🙂

  6. Aske Eksten says:


    Any news regarding this.public beta?

  7. Bsaumier75 says:

    Hey there it is now mid September and still nothing from Microsoft on this? is there an actual ETA on this or should we just go back to windows 8.1 until Microsoft decides to release the proper tools to support THEIR own OS? Please advise

  8. rprante says:

    Any new information to provide regarding the Windows 10 SCM content and/or a new version of SCM?

  9. Ben Arnold (UNI) says:

    Another interested party in the Microsoft SCM baseline for Windows 10 public beta (or better yet, final release).

  10. rprante says:

    I think we’ve gotten beyond the point of public beta, at this point. A public beta would’ve been nice to test with before Windows 10 was out in production – I think at this point a final release i appropriate. Think we might see some content before the
    end of the calendar year?

  11. bb193 says:

    The UK secure device guidance ( relies on this baseline. Until recently, they said they
    would update their guidance in September, but that then slipped to October. So UK CESG think (or possibly hope) the MS baseline will be released in October.
    An update in the release date estimate from Microsoft would be good.

  12. bb193 says:

    Security baseline for Windows 10 – DRAFT has been released!
    Nice of it to be announced on this blog post 🙁

  13. tg09nz says:

    Is there any news for this? I know this is an old post.

    [Aaron Margosis] See the edit in red at the top of the post.
  14. subs says:

    “Watch this space for updates as well as release information”
    I’m watching this space! Anywhere else I might find information on the Win 10 baseline?

    Hmm… This was posted in August and it’s now Oct 21st.

    [Aaron Margosis] “Watch this space” == “follow this blog” — we have published baselines for Windows 10 v1507, v1511, and v1607 here, as well as for Windows Server 2016.
  15. Kevin says:

    Oh look: we STILL can’t edit our own baselines and add our own settings!


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