SCM baselines for Office 2013 have now shipped!


The Office 2013 SCM baselines are now live and ready for download.

There are 2 ways you can download the CAB files.  The simplest will be to open the SCM tool and it will automatically discover that there are new baselines available to download and import and then simply follow the wizard in SCM.

 If you wish to download the CAB’s directly, you can do so from these 2 URL’s. (baseline) (attachments)


Pat Fetty
Principal Program Manager Lead
Windows Enterprise Client Customer Experience Team

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  1. whmsact says:

    Second this! The use of this is important to those in the industry, please keep up the good efforts here. I recently heard the SCM may no longer be supported, is this a true status and if so will these be downloadable in .cab format such as above vs. directly
    via the SCM tool? When I perform check for updates nothing has been posted since SQL in January.

  2. craig_raptor says:

    Excellent thanks. I started looking for these yesterday and so perfect timing!

  3. Alan Dooley says:

    Office 2016 SCM baseline coming soon….?

    [Aaron Margosis] No plans at this time for a new Office baseline.

  4. Douks says:

    Aaron – Is there going to be an Office 2016 baseline?

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