Post-Thanksgiving food coma ends – baselines restored

If you experienced trouble downloading baselines last week, we are very sorry about the trouble! We realized the problem on Tuesday November 23rd and had a bit of a “snow delay” getting the baselines restored. I am happy to report all is now well (and all the snow/ice in Seattle has melted – YAY)!


I’m removing the baselines from my SkyDrive share right now as the proper place to obtain baselines is via SCM itself. If you ever find yourself wanting to download the baselines manually (gasp) outside of SCM, I put this doc together so you would have links to all the latest baselines. Enjoy!


Thanks for using and loving SCM! Cheers!



Jeff dot Sigman at microsoft dot com
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  1. JeffSigman says:

    Me joke?!? No way!! 🙂

    I would not suggest running SCM on a production machine in your environment – meaning a machine that is an active part of your deployment. It was intended to be run on a machine that is fully under the control of the admin persona, already secured and patched and able to safely run an instance of SQL Express.

    Of course, SCM is being used by all sorts of people – so use varies – which is why the wiki article with the links.

    Thanks for loving our tool!


  2. nick says:

    I hope that (gasp) was in jest.

    Why would I want to connect an unhardened server or network to the internet to allow the SCM tool to get a download so that I can then harden that server? Of course we want to be able to get at these baselines for download on proxy systems. They could do with being *a lot* easier to find in the technet or the Download center.

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