The beginning is a very delicate time

Happy New Year from the Security and Compliance team here at Microsoft Solution Accelerators! I haven’t blogged in YEARS! That is changing as of right now. It’s not really a New Year’s resolution so much as a thing I love to do – get involved directly with the people of earth who care about software, security, Microsoft, and cool stuff going on.


I am filming videos this week on my current project, the Microsoft Security Compliance Manager (SCM). It is THE TOOL from Microsoft to see the latest and greatest security guidance / baselines across our software portfolio. But better that just an uber-security-and-compliance-baseline-repository, it is an amazing automation tool which allows you to customize our baselines and then deploy them. Oh, and maybe you want to monitor and report on compliance? Just maybe? Well, we automate that too. Sounds cool eh? Keep it locked here. My team has cool stuff coming your way this year!!


As always, I love to hear from people directly. Don’t hesitate to do so, but I get a lot of email – so it may take a couple of days to reply. Cheers!


Jeff dot Sigman @ microsoft dot com

(make sure to transpose the dots /spaces of course J)


Programmer Dude

Microsoft Solution Accelerators – Security and Compliance Team


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