To Social Network, or NOT


More social networking solutions are available today than ever. As a user of two of the technologies, Linkedin and Facebook, I think both provide great capabilities and both are limited. For example, Linkedin provides capabilities for maintaining a professional profile, while Facebook provides great extensions that allow you to extend your network quickly. Also, you can use Facebook messaging features such as the Wall to communicate quickly.


I was hoping to get an idea of the success of these solutions—not site stats, but a user’s personal experiences—while using these sites as a means to keep in touch with other security professionals. In my opinion, Linkedin has provided an admirable service for maintaining some privacy and manage a somewhat professional look and feel for the technical community. I'm not entirely sure about the role of Facebook in my work life.


As a reader of this blog, I'd like to get your input. What works best to help you maintain a professional social network presence in the community? As much of a pain as it is to sign in using a Microsoft Live account, I challenge you to do so and provide me with your feedback!



Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post, explained really well and I could really understand. Thank you.

  2. Dave says:

    Social Networking poses interesting opportunities and challenges to the Corporate environment.  I know LinkedIn provides a professional network but it is difficult to know if this is actually leading to business opportunities or increased productivity in fact.  The conversations running in some of the groups are sometimes purely sales and almost akin to SPAM, whilst others are more thoughtful.  Even these latter types have led to some alarming mis-interpretations, what people say to each other sometimes looks rather different when written and sent to very diverse audiences.  One post received an unexpectedly virulent response accusing the originator of discrimination against the disabled which was certainly not the intention of the author and would discourage that author and others reading it to venture into this world again.  I don’t use Facebook but have already seen it misused, a professional posted complaints about corporate policy and the overall approach which came to the attention of the very customers they were trying to sell to.  It seems to me these are immature technologies and we are still very much getting used to how they can be used and the mis-steps that might be made.  Banning their use in the Corporate environment would seem like overkill, but I can see that this is a likely outcome for some.

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