External Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint Now Available

I am happy to announce the release of the External Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint!

What is the External Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint?

The External Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint provides guidance and tools to deploy a pre-built, customizable SharePoint solution that teams can use to collaborate with those outside the firewall.  At the same time, the toolkit helps ensure that sensitive data on these systems is protected.

Once the ECTS is installed, your users can be up and running with a secure, SharePoint-based team site in minutes.  They can easily invite external users to collaborate, sharing documents that are centrally located on a SharePoint site inside the firewall.  Administrators can require administrative approval for all new sites and users, or they can delegate this control to end users and free up time for other tasks.

Where do I access the External Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint?

The ECTS is available now at http://www.microsoft.com/collabkit.

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