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You may have noticed that the most recent entry on SecGuide - entitled "Nefarious spam" - was a departure from previous entries on this blog.  Most of the previous entries on SecGuide have been announcements about new security-focused Solution Accelerators.  This latest entry was a discussion on Spam. 

We posted this blog because the Solution Accelerators Team at Microsoft does a lot of research around security problems and technologies - and we'd like to share some of this research with you. 

However, we want to continue to meet your needs with this blog, so please give us your feedback on this: do you want us to stick with our previous "announcement-only" approach, or would you like to open up SecGuide to posts that can also include discussions of our security research, thoughts, and plans? 


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  1. Martin Urbanowski says:

    Althought the additional information is always welcomed, IMHO this blog should stick to information relating to Solution accelerators only.

  2. John says:

    Keep this blog about solution accelerators. There are plenty of other blogs for security announcements or create a new one if you don’t think there is an appropriate MS blog for it.

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