June 2005 Planning Guides

The Services and Service Accounts Security Planning Guide

This guide addresses the common problem of Windows services that are set to run with highest possible privileges, which an attacker could compromise to gain full and unrestricted access to the computer or domain, or even to the entire forest.


The Security Monitoring and Attack Detection Planning Guide

This guide describes how to plan a security monitoring system on Windows-based networks. This system can detect attacks that originate from internal and external sources.


The Secure Access Using Smart Cards Planning Guide

Smart cards provide particularly effective security control in two scenarios: to secure administrator accounts and to secure remote access. This guide concentrates on these two scenarios as the priority areas in which to implement smart cards.


The Administrator Accounts Security Planning Guide

This guide provides prescriptive guidance in terms of the steps you can take to secure your local and domain-based administrator-level accounts and groups.


Implementing Quarantine Services with Microsoft Virtual Private Network Planning Guide   

This guide describes the challenges in planning and implementing quarantine services with VPN through the new features available in Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1).


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