Security Management Service Management Function (SMF)

Staying Prepared: Developing Effective Security Policies and Implementing Them through a Security Program

The Security Management Service Management Function (SMF) guides organization leaders and senior managers through issues that they should consider when developing effective security policies and implementing them through a security program. It also reviews tactics and best practices to increase staff awareness and encourage continuous improvement with respect to security.

The Security Management SMF is a practical support document for business and information technology (IT) professionals who are working to develop security management policies based on industry best practices. Its primary goals and objectives are to:

Where to Find the SMF

The Security Management SMF was developed, reviewed, and approved by teams of authoritative experts in security management and is available for review on the TechNet Web site at . The SMF is also available for download from the Microsoft Download Center at . Finally, the Security Management SMF, along with other security guidance topics, is available on the Security Guidance Center at . 

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