Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts at a Glance

Did I mention I’m excited for the launch of Windows 10? Yes? Never mind, it bears repeating :-)

In this blog post, I’d like to share a list of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts with you. I tested the below shortcuts in the current build of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build No. 10122 – and I couldn’t live without them!
One of my favorite shortcuts is Windows + Tab which opens the brand new Windows 10 Task View. Besides the list of running applications, you’ll also notice the option to add Virtual Desktops on the bottom of your screen (see Figure 1). Virtual Desktops allow you to create multiple desktops beyond the limitations of a physical display. It’s a great way to organize and quickly access groups of windows on your PC or tablet.
For instance, I’m using one virtual desktop for Outlook and note-taking with OneNote and another one for my social media activities on Twitter and Yammer.
Windows 10 Task View

Figure 1: The keyboard shortcut Windows + Tab opens the Windows 10 Task View.

Here’s my list of Windows 10 shortcuts, and – in addition – some of my favorite “old but gold” shortcuts known from previous versions of Windows:
Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut
Show the Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows + Tab
Launch Windows 10 Task View
Windows + C
Search the web and Windows with Cortana (speech)
Windows + S
Search the web and Windows with Cortana (keyboard input)
Windows + I
Open Windows 10 settings
Windows + A
Open Windows 10 Action Center (e.g. to display notifications and customizable quick actions)
Windows + Ctrl + D
Create new virtual desktop
Windows + Ctrl + F4
Close current virtual desktop
Windows + Ctrl + [Left][Right]
Switch between virtual desktops
Windows + [Left][Right][Up][Down]
Position windows on your screen
E.g. Windows + [Left] moves the current window to the left half of your screen. If you use Windows + [Up] afterwards, the current window will be placed in the upper left quarter of your screen.
And, what’s very handy in my opinion: If you release the Windows key after positioning a window, Task View shows up on the opposite side of the positioned window to select and position another app.
Windows + H
Share content (if supported by current app)
Windows + K
Connect to wireless displays and audio devices
Windows + X
Open Start button context menu
Windows + G
Opens the Windows 10 Game Bar to take game screenshots and record gaming videos of Windows 10 games (works in any game app, e.g. Microsoft Solitaire Collection)
And, of course, these “old but gold” shortcuts known from previous Windows versions still work:
Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut
Windows + D
Show Windows desktop
Windows + E
Open Windows Explorer
Windows + L
Lock your Windows 10 device
Windows + Space
Switch keyboard input language (if you have added at least a second one)
Windows + Shift + [Left][Right]
Move current Window from one monitor to another (when using a multiple monitor setup)
Windows + [1][2][3][…]
Open programs that are pinned to task bar
E.g. if first pinned program on your task bar is Windows Explorer (from left to right), the shortcut Windows + 1 opens Windows Explorer for you.
Windows + R
Run a command
Windows + P
Project a screen
Alt + Tab
Switch to previous window
Alt + Space
Restore, move, size, minimize, maximize or close current window. Also works like a charm for Windows 10 modern apps.
Alt + F4
a) Close current window
b) If you’re on your Windows 10 desktop, open Power dialogue to shut down or restart Windows, put your device in sleep mode, sign out or switch the current user
I’m pretty sure there are much more keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up your work with Windows 10. If you experience new ones, please let me know! I will try to keep the above list up to date.
Aren’t an Insider, yet? Join the Windows Insider program and get the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview builds. If you’re interested in the Virtual Desktop concept of Windows 10, learn everything about it in the blog post Virtual Desktops in Windows 10 – The Power of Windows…Multiplied on the Blogging Windows blog.
Technical Evangelist at Microsoft
Sebastian Klenk on Twitter
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  1. Thanks for letting me know, @kjellski. I have fixed the issue. Would you mind checking again?

  2. @kjellski says:

    For me, no image is displayed, none at at… :(

  3. christoph says:

    I hope that the "old but gold" shortcut Alt + Space which shows a context menu to minimize/maximize the current window will also work in Windows 10. Sometimes when I move my notebook to an environment with lower display resolution, the top bar of a window
    may no longer be visible and so I cannot reposition the window by using the mouse. However, using Windows + [Left][Right] etc. seems to be an even more practical solution and it also works in Windows 8.1.

  4. I just tested it, Christoph. Your shortcut Alt + Space still works in Windows 10..

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Sie beschäftigen sich mit dem Thema Windows 10 und Enterprise Mobility? Sehr gut! Dann finden Sie in

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sie beschäftigen sich mit dem Thema Windows 10 und Enterprise Mobility? Sehr gut! Dann finden Sie in

  8. Daniel says:

    Nice one, have been looking all over the place for this kind of collection :-)

  9. Daniel says:

    Nice one, have been looking all over the place for this kind of collection :-)

  10. @ says:

    Windows + A = Action Center

  11. Cortana says:

    Windows + C = Cortana Speech Input
    Windows + Q(or S) are both text input now

  12. Ivan Zhekov says:

    Windows + L is not something new. Shall be moved to the gold list.

  13. Art Sugden says:

    Will my desktop shortcuts automatically migrate to windows 10 or do I need to do something?

  14. Simon says:

    Alt+Q just opens Cortana, ALT+C make her listen.

    I found shortcuts for the action centre, but lost the page – anyone know?

  15. Simon says:

    Previous comment should have read Windows+Q, C, etc.

  16. Thanks everyone for your feedback!

    @Daniel: Glad, you like the list :-)
    @Cortana, Simon: Thanks, it seems the shortcuts have changed from Insider Preview builds to the final one. Updated the Cortana shortcuts.
    @Ivan Zhekov: You’re right, I moved the shortcut Windows + L to the gold list.

  17. Stuart Murrell says:

    If you would like to switch between Win 10 virtual desktops by tilting your mouse wheel check out this free app:

  18. Pam SA says:

    Really Great!

  19. yves says:

    Already exist before Win10:
    Windows + M : Minimize All
    Windows + D : Show Desktop

  20. SAJEED says:


  21. Arun Kumar says:

    good os

  22. I.T guy says:

    what happens to Ctrl and Alt ? cant you use for shortcut ??

  23. Yuriq says:

    Well, first 10 apps, pinned or not, can be switched between with win+[upper row digits].

  24. Ravi Krishna Karra says:

    Superb, thanks for your review

  25. Asta says:

    Hello Sebastian. Where can I find a printable version of all windows 10 keyboard shortcuts (for example in an excelfile)
    thanks Asta

  26. vinay says:


  27. John says:

    Some of the windows key + have stopped working! + a does not work. How do I turn these on?

  28. dee29 says:

    Want to thank you, I had 8 window,never could unstand it,Am 78 yr old,and 10 is much better to understand follow, and now I can do a lot more

  29. awesome

  30. Zhen Li says:

    Alt + Enter : full screen your app if full screen is an option (games, video players, etc. )

  31. Anand Shah says:

    Excellent shortcuts..

  32. unknown says:

    good day.. I have a question, every time I try a shortcut key with “Windows” (e.g. Windows + E), Start Menu is always brought up first before the actual function of the certain shortcut.. Is there any way to lessen the activeness of the Start Menu(Windows Key) or rather will not brought up the Start Menu if what I am trying is a shortcut..?? Thank you very much..

    1. Hi, does this also happen if you press both keys at the same time?

  33. Nathan Shank says:

    Windows + X + W = Network Adapters

    1. nithish kumar says:

      working super

  34. Nikhil JSK says:

    Thanks for the info! Really helpful!

  35. Sandy Cary says:

    Try Win + P = chooses a presentation display.

  36. Pad Selmke says:

    Hi Sebastian,
    great shortcut overview.
    I use the “old but gold” shortcut [Shift]+[ALT]+[F4] to close and save the Window Size and Position.

  37. JFloyd Waggaman says:

    Good article !

  38. Matt says:

    Don’t forget Alt+Shift+Enter for toggle fullscreen in UWP apps.

    1. Matt says:

      I meant Windows+Shift+Enter for fullscreen. Sorry

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