Easter Eggs

Just saw this over on Bink.nu.  It turns out (and I have verified), that there is a pretty cool easter egg included with the HP EX470/EX475 MediaSmart Home Servers.  The HP servers have a series of LEDs on the front of the unit that turn different colors to indicate status at a glance.  With the…


HP MediaSmart as an iTunes Server

My new HP MediaSmart EX470 Windows Home Server just arrived, and it is SWEET!  As Paul Thurrott mentions in his review, this box is TINY.  Ridiculously so.  And completely silent.  I didn’t spring for the EX475 (with 1TB of space), as it is $150 more, and hard drives are incredibly cheap these days.  As it…


Going Back to Boot Camp

Nearly 10 years ago, I went to Marine Corps Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego.  Those were good times… A few weeks ago, I went back to Boot Camp, this time loading up Windows Vista  on my new MacBook Pro.  The process by-and-large is quite simple, and is documented in many places on the intarwebs….


Installing Windows Home Server in Virtual Server

It turns out that Window Home Server installs into (and works fine on) Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1.  (Virtual Server is free, and available from the previous link).  I did run into a couple of gotchas while installing, so thought that I would provide you a walkthrough with screenshots and workarounds. FOR THE RECORD:  The…


When is enough enough?

All right.  I admit it.  I have a problem. I read my favorite “Tech Deals” site, (http://www.dealnews.com), and I just can’t control myself from buying hard drives.  They just keep getting cheaper and bigger and cheaper and bigger.  The one that showed up today was $132 shipped for a 500 GB drive. Fortunately, I have…