TechEd–Awesome Free Training in HD

With summer starting soon (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), work slows down as folks head out for vacation.  What better time to kick back and watch a TON of technical content from some of the smartest folks at Microsoft? I’m not sure when Channel 9 got so awesome, but they have a killer platform….


Windows Azure Training and Virtual Lab

If you haven’t had a chance to play around with Windows Azure yet, I just stumbled across a ton of learning resources, a Virtual Lab, and a free one month trial (that does not require a credit card: Virtual Lab: Windows Azure Windows Azure One Month Pass USA Windows Azure Developer Portal Download Microsoft Web…


SharePoint Skills Advisor Tool

If you interested in ramping up on SharePoint, the Product Group has developed a very slick tool that will point you to all currently available training on SharePoint, whether it be Instructor Led, Hands on Lab, Online Course, Reading, etc… The tool is written in Access, and is regularly updated.  It is actually the slickest…


Identity Lifecycle Management

Alright… this is probably not something that you would implement as an IT Pro at a company with 15 employees, but for companies with thousands of employees, Identity Management is very critical.  You have line-of-business applications that depend on Active Directory, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Unix…  People login with usernames, passwords, smartcards, tokens…  How do you…


How do I run my IT shop?

I know, I know… another post with a bunch of links from Sean.  You may even scroll past this post to get to the latest Lolcats pic in your newsreader.  Here.  Here’s a cute kitty with a witty caption.  Is that good enough?  Did you get it out of your system?   Good.  Let’s get back…


Free Security Courses

I was just browsing the IT Pro course catalog over at, and noticed that there are a TON of free courses relating to Security.  There are some non-security free courses as well (related to SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008, and a few others), but the price is sure right.  Go check it out!…


SharePoint Extranet Collaboration Toolkit

SharePoint is the hottest thing going at Microsoft.  While Excel is the swiss-army-knife of desktop apps, SharePoint is the do-it-all app on the Server side.  If you are not playing with it already, then you are behind the curve.  Go download the VPC Image, the trial version (x86, x64), try the online test-drive, do some…


Learning Plans

One of the greatest parts of working at Microsoft is being able to learn of all the cool things we have to offer (many of which are available externally).  Some of them, however, I learn about from external sources (such as other Microsoft Blogs).  I consider myself to be fairly well-versed in all of the…


SharePoint Training

As I have mentioned several times before, I am a big fan of free training.  I am also a big fan of SharePoint.  So… let’s combine the two!   The Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training Standalone Edition is designed to help you learn how to use the features of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. The…


PerformancePoint 2007 Training Resources

Free training… how can you go wrong? (I first saw this on Arlindo’s blog) Online Training The fastest way to learn the basics of PerformancePoint Server 2007 is through these self-directed learning courses, which have been designed to give a quick start on building your performance management solution: Building a planning budgeting or forecasting…