Audit your Outlook calendar permissions

By default, others within your organization can only see whether you are free or busy for a particular timeslot.  In theory, people should check whether you are available before scheduling an appointment with you, although nobody seems to do that for me.  Hooray for double and triple-booking! That said, it is possible to let others…


SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer

The following screenshot will give a DBA severe indigestion (although I have to imagine it is not entirely uncommon on unmanaged installations of SQL, especially those where SQL is just the black box that is installed as a prerequisite). A SQL installation with the database files, logs, and backups on the same volume, all with…


Securing SharePoint and Project Server 2010

A year ago, I showed how to lock down SharePoint 2007 using the Security Configuration Wizard that was introduced with Windows Server 2003.  The last post includes information on how the tool works, but  as the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit was just released (which includes the Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) manifests for SharePoint 2010…


Having a bad day?

You know… the kind of day where all of the hard drives fail on one of your domain controllers, and then the new sysadmin runs a script on your production AD environment that deletes all user accounts, and then a hurricane hits your backup datacenter and floods your server room, submerging the last few backup…


Updating SharePoint

I just finished installing Service Pack 2 on my team’s SharePoint server, and the process went absolutely flawlessly (which is very different from some of my past upgrades).  What made the difference?  Reading the instructions (something we geeks tend to not do :)  Before we get started, here are the links for the current updates…


SharePoint Lockdown – The Easy Way

If you have been tasked with securing SharePoint, there  are a lot of considerations to take into account.  How do users authenticate? Does part of your farm live in an extranet or DMZ? How do you secure user-to-server communications? How do you secure server-to-server communications?  How do you scan for viruses?  How do you harden…


Active Directory in the DMZ

I’ve been waiting for this guide for a while (‘cause that’s how I roll), but if you are interested in guidance on when/how to use Active Directory in your perimeter network, the AD team has released a guide for that: Active Directory Domain Services in the Perimeter Network (Windows Server 2008) The guide covers the…


SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Technical Reference Guide

Just released, and only weighing in at 490 pages.  You didn’t have anything better to do over the Thanksgiving weekend, did you? 😉 Get it here. Brief Description This 490-page document covers the essential phases and steps to upgrade existing instances of SQL Server 2000 and 2005 to SQL Server 2008 by using best practices….


SQL Server 2008 Governance, Risk, and Compliance

I was just reading through the SQL Server 2008 Compliance Guide that was just released, and it actually has some great information on taking advantage of the new features as part of your GRC program.  Transparent encryption, policy-based management, auditing reports… good stuff! Get it here.


Beta Announcement – Solution Accelerators for Compliance Management

It has been too long since I posted about the latest Solution Accelerators from my favorite team at Microsoft (er… the Solution Accelerator team).  I have a couple of posts queued up in my head that I’ll write as soon as I have the time. In any case, this announcement is time-sensitive, so I wanted…