Managing Hyper-V remotely

Just got this from Jeff on the Windows Virtualization Team:   Hyper-V Question of the Day: Q: I’d like to install the Hyper-V MMC on Windows Server 2008 to remotely manage another Hyper-V System. How do I do this? Can I do this on Windows Server 2008 x64 and x86 Editions? A: Yes. This solution…


Hyper-V released!!!

I would normally put up a great post with examples, pictures, personal stories, wit, and humor… but I am in class today and they are making us shut our laptops.  Darn.  In any case, AWESOME NEWS!!!  The Virtualization team just released a version of Windows Server 2008 WITH the beta bits of Hyper-V (formerly Windows…


Shipping is a feature too

I’ll keep telling myself that…  An update on the Viridian (Windows Server Virtualization) features and ETA can be found here: The take: <sigh…>


System Center Virtual Machine Manager Beta 2 released

I have previously noted that Beta 2 of System Center Virtual Machine Manager was on it’s way.  Tonight it dropped. Here is a preview of the major upgrades in this release (and this is just touching on a significant list of improvements and feature enhancements): Completely new, easy-to-use and intuitive UI based on the System…


Virtual Server and Windows Server Virtualization timelines adjusted

From Mike Neil (Virtualization GM) on the Windows Server Blog: As the person who oversees the development plans, teams and strategy for Microsoft’s virtualization software on desktops and servers, I want to update everyone on the timing of our server virtualization offerings. I know that many of our customers and partners will hear of these…


Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager

One of the pillars of System Center is the new Virtual Machine Manager. Beta 1 has been out since last August, and at the Microsoft Management Summit last week, Microsoft announced the pending release of Beta 2. A lot of great coding and features have been coming out of the VMM team, and I can’t…