Automate PDF configuration for SharePoint 2010 via PowerShell

PowerShell and SharePoint 2010 go together like peanut butter and chocolate, and Toni Frankola has combined the two to automate a rather error-prone administrative task. Configuring PDF related stuff for SharePoint 2010 (and 2007) is very simple, yet annoying and often forgotten SharePoint configuration step. There are nice articles (link, link) to help you configure…


PowerShell Reference on Bing

In today’s “that’s kind of cool”, it turns out you can use Bing’s Visual Search for more than visualizing the top movies in theatres or new cars, you can also use it as a reference for Powershell Cmdlets.  How cool is that?  Try it here:


Network Shell (Netsh) Technical Reference released

Aaaaah… to come full circle.  Microsoft’s OSs started at the command line, went GUI, and you can now do more from then command-line than ever before.  Between PowerShell, the Windows Command Reference, and now the Netsh Technical Reference, you can script until you are blue in the face. The Windows Server® 2008 Network Shell (Netsh)…