Feeling Blue

If you have used Windows for a few years, you have likely encountered a Blue Screen of Death.  Fortunately, as reliability has increased with each new release of Windows, BSODs have become progressively less common.  What causes these Blue Screens?  Primarily, bad drivers or bad hardware.  You can rule out defective memory as a cause…


TechNet and MSDN- Running on Hyper-V

If you were at MMS 2008, or if you read executive keynotes in your spare time, you heard Bob Muglia mention that we are running MSDN and TechNet virtualized, in production on Hyper-V. MSDN and TechNet are full virtualized right now with Hyper-V, and we had a dramatic cost savings when we went and did…


Expression web design applications now available on MSDN

I see on Microsoft Watch that due to feedback from developers, we have now made the Microsoft Expression line of web design products available for download on MSDN.  The versions that are available depend on how you subscribe to MSDN, as shown in the table below.