TechEd–Awesome Free Training in HD

With summer starting soon (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), work slows down as folks head out for vacation.  What better time to kick back and watch a TON of technical content from some of the smartest folks at Microsoft? I’m not sure when Channel 9 got so awesome, but they have a killer platform….


Internet Explorer 8–Show Stop and Refresh Buttons Before Address Bar

By default, Internet Explorer 8 has the Refresh and Stop buttons on the right side of the address bar.  I’m used to having them there. However, if you use alternative browsers, you may prefer to have those buttons on the OTHER side of your address bar It turns out that you can move them in…


Because you needed a poster, right?

The darndest things show up on the Microsoft Download Center.  If you’ve been looking for some posters to raise excitement about your upcoming Office 2007 deployment… then you’ll want to hit up the Office 2007 IW Excitement Posters.  From the description: This is a collection of 6 posters designed to be used by Microsoft customers…



When managing projects or people, delegation is A Good Thing™.  I have had a problem, however, that emails I send (no matter how clear I make it that a response is needed) are often simply ignored by the recipient. Since I send and receive about 4 million emails a day, I tend to not notice…


It Rains So Much In Seattle!

Well, not really.  In fact, Seattle actually receives less rain than Atlanta or Houston.  According to our Wikipedia article: "Despite being on the margin of the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, the city has a reputation for frequent rain.[62] This reputation derives from this frequency of precipitation as well as the fact that it…


Mitchell's Rule of Demos

Great post from Mitchell Ashley that accurately describes most demos I have seen (I’ve even been guilty of giving a few of these): Most bad demos are what I call "functional decomposition" demos. You know what I’m talking about — after some perfunctory sales questions, the demo conversation goes something like this… "This is the…


Take a look under the Kimono

Have you ever been curious how Microsoft protocols such as SMB, CIFS, BITS, IPSEC, or NTLM work behind the scenes? Perhaps you are a Computer Science student, and you want to see how thing work in a commercially available Operating System, or perhaps you are a developer that works on a product that needs to…


Addicted to Wikipedia

I am working on a degree in Business Administration from Washington State University, and am taking a world history course as one of my general education requirements.  It really is a rather basic course, and my homework consists of writing a few paragraphs to regurgitate the assigned readings.  The problem is… History is SO. DAMN….


Report Cards

My kiddoes just brought home their report cards, and I thought I would share one of the areas that my daughter (age 7, in 2nd Grade) is rated on.  And I quote: Student effectively analyzes health and safety information to develop fitness plans based on life goals. ?!?!?!?!??  I think I can count the number…


Home Depot?!?!?

I am getting ready to upgrade my 802.11g network to 802.11n for the speed and performance improvements, and Consumer Reports has rated the Netgear equipment well.  So, in looking for the best price on an 802.11n PCI card, I found the card I was looking for at Home Depot. Home Depot?  Seriously?  They’re selling computer…