Project Sundance – Managing Your Baseline

If you are in charge of maintaining the security baseline at your company, you know that there are two key problems you face.  First of all, there are a LOT of security settings to tweak within Windows.  The services you harden and lock down on a Domain Controller are very different from those that you…


Group Policy Documentation Survival Guide

The latest version of the links below can be found here, or download a PDF version here.  Don’t ask me where they got that US-Army-looking-font in the PDF… it probably wouldn’t have been my first choice 😉 Group Policy Documentation Essentials These links help you get started with Group Policy. Learn • Group Policy TechCenter:…


Where did my Vista Parental Controls go?

Parental Controls on Windows Vista are a great way to take charge of how your kiddoes use the computer.  You can restrict time limitations, the ratings of games they are allowed to play, block or allow specific programs, block or allow specific websites, and get activity reports on what they have been up to.  While…


Hiding Fast User Switching

I happen to like Fast User Switching (which now works on Domain Joined Computers in Vista!), but if you want to disable access for some reason… Start,Run –> Gpedit.msc –> Local Computer Policy, Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, System, Logon –> “Hide entry points for Fast User Switching”


What am I waiting for?

When you log into or out of Windows Vista, you will receive the following message as Windows starts up or shuts down various services, applies settings, runs logon scripts, etc. If you enjoy knowing WHAT it is that Windows is doing, you can make Windows display much more verbose status information: This article, although about…


Microsoft Group Policy Resources

Ever get stuck wondering where a particular Group Policy setting is hidden?  Want to see what new Group Policy  settings will be available in Windows Server 2008?  Do you need Planning, Deployment, Troubleshooting, Virtual Labs or Technical Reference information? It turns out we have a page devoted to Group Policy.  Hold on to your hat for the URL…