Access Our Internal Knowledge Base

Pretty cool benefit of becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional…  From the MCP Blog: Internal Knowledge Base Access – Folks, this is the benefit that I’m most excited about. It’s time we started treating our MCP community as part of the Microsoft family and start providing you folks some important access and benefits. Yeah, I can…


The top Active Directory Issues

The Ask the Directory Services Team blog has a great post on the top 50 KB articles used to solve issues in Directory Services support during the first quarter of Microsoft fiscal year 2008 (July 2007 through September 2007). I list the top 10 below, but you can see the whole list after the jump….


SQL Server 2005 Best Practices

There’s no shortage of them!!! Get the real-world guidelines, expert tips, and rock-solid guidance to take your SQL Server implementation to the next level. These SQL Server best practices draw on the extensive experience and expertise from respected developers and engineers at Microsoft, who walk you through the specifics on solving particularly difficult issues….


This is how 2008 begins, not with a bang but a whimper…

So… the picture below is what the New Years Shindig at the Space Needle is supposed to look like. Except, this year, it was not to be. Right after the inspirational interview with the fireworks engineers, the entire city of Seattle counted down with gleeful expectation ..3..2..1.. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! And… Nothing. About 6 seconds…