TechEd–Awesome Free Training in HD

With summer starting soon (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), work slows down as folks head out for vacation.  What better time to kick back and watch a TON of technical content from some of the smartest folks at Microsoft? I’m not sure when Channel 9 got so awesome, but they have a killer platform….


Shut Down Windows 8

I didn’t see this method in Paul Thurrott’s excellent Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Lock, Sign Off, Shut Down, Restart And Sleep article, so I thought I’d share. A quick way to shut down, restart, or log out of Windows 8 is to click on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, and hit Alt…


Microsoft Management Summit – Free Recordings

If you were not able to make it to MMS, or were unable to clone yourself to attend all the sessions taking place at the same time, fear not!  Over 160 sessions across 5 technical tracks are now available at Digital MMS. You can take a Windows PowerShell crash course from Don Jones, or…