Modifying SharePoint Search Results

I have put up a post over on the PTS Blog that shows how to modify SharePoint Search results to include the Document ID in search results.  The principles in that post can be used to surface other information that may not be included in the out-of-box search results. Check it out: SharePoint 2010–Returning Document…


Leave me alone!!! (using Lync to NOT communicate)

Ubiquitous connectivity and communication sources are a blessing and a curse.  It is amazing that I can speak with my co-worker in Germany and get an answer as if he were sitting right next to me.  On the flip side of the coin, my co-workers (and family, and friends) all over the world (or in…


File System Limitation

Apparently I am only the second person on the internet to hit this error (judging by my Bing search this morning), but I thought I would share the solution in case someone else ever hits it :). I was attempting to copy a 150 GB VHD file from one Windows Server 2008 R2 server to…


Phishing and Modern Browsers

I got a rather official-looking phishing e-mail this evening, asking me to verify my Bank of America sitekey.  As I do not bank with BOA, this set off some alarm bells.  I always make sure to report phishing sites through the handy “Report unsafe website” feature of Internet Explorer 9, so that the site can…


Scripting a SharePoint 2010 install with Powershell

Clicking “next” “next” on an installer is sooo 2007.  If you stand up and take down SharePoint 2010 farms on a frequent basis (for development or test servers), or you want to be able to quickly do so (maybe for disaster recovery), you have two options. 1) Read through the documentation and figure it out…


Windows 7 Deployment Options for Small and Midsize Businesses

The Microsoft Download Center has a neat poster (available in PDF, Visio, and XPS formats) walking through the advantages, limitations, and requirements for the different deployment options available to small and midsize businesses planning on a deployment of Windows 7. Explore the different options for deploying Windows 7 in a small or midsize organization. This…


Automate PDF configuration for SharePoint 2010 via PowerShell

PowerShell and SharePoint 2010 go together like peanut butter and chocolate, and Toni Frankola has combined the two to automate a rather error-prone administrative task. Configuring PDF related stuff for SharePoint 2010 (and 2007) is very simple, yet annoying and often forgotten SharePoint configuration step. There are nice articles (link, link) to help you configure…


Embedding a PowerPoint Deck on SharePoint 2010

If you have ever wanted to know how to embed a PowerPoint Deck on a webpage in SharePoint 2010 (using the awesome power of PowerPoint Web App), I have just put up a post over on the Partner Technical Services Blog showing exactly how to do it . Embedding a PowerPoint Deck on SharePoint 2010


Updating passwords on SharePoint 2010

Today’s entry in the “Sean’s simple question about why a KB article had not been updated leads to a lot of research and learning” post is courtesy of managed accounts and password changes with SharePoint 2010. History With SharePoint 2007, instructions on changing service accounts and passwords could be found in the appropriately named KB…