Windows Phone 7 App of Awesomess

I am loving my new Samsung Focus, and have been adding in some applications, including the excellent Weatherbug, Netflix, Facebook, and Flixter apps.  However… today I found my favorite app of all.  The app is the appropriately named PODCASTS!, an app that searches the Zune Marketplace for podcasts, shows you a nice write-up and image, and then streams them directly. The user interface is awesome, the functionality is great, and the price is right (free)!


To be fair, the app icon is a bit corny :)  I would be nice if they added a live tile to cycle through images of my favorite podcasts.


Anyhoo… I give you: screenshots.

Download it here: PODCASTS!



Wishlist for version 1.1:

  1. A “Favorite podcasts” section instead of just “recent”
  2. A live tile that cycles through my favorite podcasts
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  1. chisports says:

    this app really is awesome.  nice find.

  2. wlp says:–

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