Bridging from MOF Guidance to Microsoft Products

From an outside perspective, you might think that the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) is explicitly tied to Microsoft Products.  It is not. 

MOF was specifically designed to be technology agnostic, and address the operational, people, and process aspects of effectively running IT services within a business.  You can follow MOF recommendations even if you are running JBOSS and Apache on Unix Servers with Firefox clients.  That said, we have some excellent products at Microsoft, and I’m glad to see that the MOF team has released guidance and recommendations on how Microsoft Products can be used to support MOF processes.  The  new Bridging from MOF Guidance to Microsoft Products: A MOF Companion Guide is an excellent paper. Not so much for listing Microsoft products, but because it lists some great platform-specific resources that can help you to achieve each objective.



Paper Overview

The MOF/Microsoft products companion guide bridges the gap between high-level service management processes and real-world application by clearly outlining how to apply MOF concepts using Microsoft products. The best practices outlined in this guidance will help facilitate collaboration between IT process and IT technology professionals, and make it easier to achieve improved service management outcomes in a timely manner.


Download Bridging from MOF Guidance to Microsoft Products: A MOF Companion Guide

Additional MOF resources:

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