Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) Quick Start Kits Released

I just got the following from the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) team, and wanted to share:

The MOF team is pleased to present the MOF Quick Start Kits. Complete with ready-to-use graphics and comprehensive presentation decks, the Quick Start Kits allow you to add to any presentation with ease. Topics covered include an overview of MOF 4.0, information on MOF and compliance, training and certification updates, and study guides. 

The kits speak to targeted audiences— customers and partners.

· MOF IT Pro Quick Start Kit. Available on the MOF home page, this customer-facing kit includes presentations, data sheets, graphics, mind maps, and links to supporting content. The kit does not include MOF core content—it directs users back to the /MOF page to download the documentation.

· MOF Quick Start Kit for Partners. This kit is available through the Microsoft Partner Program site. In addition to the customer-facing content in the IT Pro Kit, this resource includes exclusive partner materials, such as data sheets, conversation points, and a customer-facing flyer.

There is lots of good stuff in the Quick Start Kits, including the Visio diagrams, diagrams, graphics, presentations, training information, etc.  The framework is completely open, and you can incorporate any of the MOF concepts, diagrams, workflows in your day-to-day work.

As always, your definitive source for MOF is


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