Ten Themes for SharePoint

If you want SharePoint to, well, not look like SharePoint… we just released 10 themes that look awesome!

Download them here.

They are packaged as SharePoint Solutions so you don’t have to do the messy work of going to all of your front end web servers and horking around with your C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\THEMES folder. Seriously… install them as solutions. It will save you from breaking something.

The themes are sample code. To use them you need to have:

Learn SharePoint Development here:


 Construction_Preview Contoso_Preview Corporate_Preview Events_Preview OARP_Preview Procurement_Preview Publishing_Preview sporting_Preview Start-Up_Preview Team_Preview

Comments (12)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft has released 10 new themes for Sharepoint to make Sharepoint not look like Sharepoint 🙂 The…

  2. Anonymous says:

    When editing pages with the publishing infrastructure some menu items are not visible in the toolpane. There are also two boxes that are not styled. While this is only visible to editors of the page it is easily fixed by adding the following CSS:

    #consoleMenuBar2 .ms-SPLink A:link, .ms-SPLink A:visited, .ms-SPLink A:hover




    #masterPageLeftOverhang, #masterPageRightOverhang {

       background-color:transparent ;


  3. Teo says:

    Sorry guys i am new. How i install them as solutions?

  4. Beth says:

    Does anyone know how to change the title image on these sites? I am trying to change it through site settings and it doesn't change out the image in the sports theme.

  5. dinesh says:

    Can we use these themes in sharepoint 2010

  6. Joe says:

    They give you something and explain how to install them. "Deploy them as solutions" doesn't help me. We need step-by-step instructions.

  7. Dont work in others languages... says:

    Dont work in other languages. It Is hard coded 1033 path

  8. Nguyễn Văn Quang says:

    we have some product of sharepoint theme 2010.

    If you follow to it, please visit our site: http://www.sharepointfeature.com. And review them.

    we too have some free package theme for you. You can reference from it for build new theme for 2010

  9. Joao Ferreira says:

    Bind Tuning also provides themes for SharePoint, at http://bindtuning.com you have around 20 themes that are fully customizable and can be tested by free

  10. raghu says:

    can i use these themes in SP2010? or is there any way to use these? I deployed to SP2010 but the themes were not showing in site themes option.
    Or can i create same themes in Power point?

  11. rengina fernandes says:

    These themes are for Moss 2007 or SharePoint 2010? I have just migrated to a new SharePoint site with cloudappsportal.com.

  12. Charlene says:

    I have downloaded the themes however, I am not sure how to have them show up in SharePoint. I have never used Visual Studio before. Can someone please assist.

    Thank you

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