Blogging Windows 7

AWESOME news… two of the smartest people I have ever met are starting up a blog on Windows 7, and the engineering that has gone into it. 

Steven Sinofsky is the Senior Vice President of the Window Engineering team, and was responsible for the masterpiece that is Office 2007 (which shipped on time, with the right features, to rave reviews). 

Jon DeVaan is the Senior Vice President of the Windows Core Operating System Division, and established the Engineering Excellence initiative at Microsoft.

These are the best possible people to lead Windows 7 Development, and I am looking forward to WinHEC and PDC, where the technical aspects of Windows 7 will be revealed to the OEMs and Developers that are critical to our success at Microsoft.

So… go check out the blog (it looks like the RSS feed is down temporarily, but should be up shortly so that you can subscribe in your RSS reader of choice)

Engineering Windows 7

devaan-2 sinofsky-3
Jon DeVaan Steven Sinofsky


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