Windows Vista SP1 Technical Resources

While you are downloading sp1 for Vista, here are some additional resources as you evaluate and prepare to deploy Windows Vista Service Pack 1image:

For information about Windows Vista, see Windows Vista Technical Library .

To download Word documents of the Windows Vista SP1 documents listed below, see Windows Vista SP1 Guides for IT Professionals .

Product Evaluation

Overview of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (document in .XPS and .PDF formats)

This white paper presents an overview of Windows Vista SP1 and the improvements it contains.

Notable Changes in Windows Vista Service Pack 1

This document describes the notable changes made to Windows Vista in Service Pack 1, which were focused on addressing specific reliability, performance, and compatibility issues, supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several emerging standards.

Getting Started

Release Notes for Windows Vista Service Pack 1

These release notes address late-breaking issues and information related to Windows Vista SP1.

Hotfixes and Security Updates included in Windows Vista Service Pack 1

This document contains a list of all the hotfixes and security updates included in Windows Vista SP1.


Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Deployment Guide

This guide includes technical information, procedures, and recommendations for installing Windows Vista SP1 in a business or corporate environment.

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