Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint


Ever wanted to embed Silverlight into SharePoint?  It looks like we have published some guidance on doing so here.

The Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint is source code and guidance for developers describing how to use Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies together in business applications and Internet Web sites. SharePoint applications that use Web Parts can now be built using Silverlight user interface elements. This capability enables a fresh look at data exposed through SharePoint Products and Technologies using the modern graphics capability in Silverlight.

The samples are available from Microsoft now.The Blueprint, including source code, will also be released as open source on Codeplex in the coming months.

For the samples download, screencast videos, Microsoft Visual Studio solutions, and more information:

What is included in the download?

Six application component samples are included in the kit to get you started:

  • A simple “hello, world” sample showing Silverlight in a Web part.
  • A Silverlight slider control as a SharePoint custom field type.
  • A navigation control.
  • A Colleague Viewer that uses lookups in Active Directory by using Windows Communication Foundation.
  • A Silverlight picture viewer from a SharePoint picture library.
  • A visual how-to center, created in Silverlight and based on a SharePoint list, for viewing videos.
S+S Blueprints are installed into the Visual Studio environment and give developers easy access to application templates and guidance.

This Blueprint provides a helper assembly and sample Web Parts that are built by using the helper assembly to access SharePoint data sources from a Silverlight application. The helper assembly includes a wrapper class that hosts Silverlight and acts as a Web Part. Developers can build additional Web Parts on Silverlight by using the Blueprint, or they can modify the helper assembly themselves.

SharePoint Products and Technologies and Silverlight are supported by Microsoft, but the Blueprint bits are not supported. They will instead be made available as shared source.

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