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Ever wondered what kind of sessions go on at TechEd, Microsoft Management Summit (MMS), OCS Ignite, IT Forum, WinHEC, etc?  The following site has a ton of videos from these events:

Watch Mark Russinovich, Steve Riley, Iain McDonald, and some other great presenters go deep in these sessions.  Enjoy!

Windows Server 2008 - SelectionConvergence 2007-CopenhagenTechEd IT Forum 2007Microsoft 2007 SOA and Business Process ConferenceBest of MMS Roadshow 2007DocumentariesTech Ed US 2007Web Administration Summit 2007WinHec 2007Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Ignite TourMicrosoft Management Summit 2007MS Longhorn PressForefront and System Center launches - You're in controlUsing Microsoft Virtualisation Technologies Today and TomorrowBuilding End-to-End Infrastructure Security-Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Active Directory -Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Active Directory BI Tour 2007Tech.Ed: IT Forum 2006Get ready for a New DayMicrosoft Management Summit 2006 Get Ready For Exchange - RoadshowWeb Administration Summit 2006Tech.Ed US 2006Tech.Ed US 2006 - Strategy BriefingsWinHEC 2006Windows Kernel InternalsIT Forum 2005 - HighlightsExchange Tour UnpluggedFocus on Web Hosting 3.0IT Forum 2005SQL PassTech.Ed 2005Microsoft Management Summit 2005IT Forum 2004

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