Addicted to Wikipedia

I am working on a degree in Business Administration from Washington State University, and am taking a world history course as one of my general education requirements.  It really is a rather basic course, and my homework consists of writing a few paragraphs to regurgitate the assigned readings.  The problem is...


And Wikipedia does not help...

All those blue-highlighted hyperlinks are ever so much more addictive than Crack.  Combine that with a right-click and "open in new tab", and you can spend an entire weekend reading about Genghis Khan... ooohh.... Mongol Empire... aaaahhh... Trebuchet... mmmm... Edward Longshanks... Crusades! Constantinople!! Ottoman Empire!

Don't even get me started on the history of Religion, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Mesopotamia, or Alexander the Great. RRRGGHHH!!!

Must. Finish. Homework.


For fun, leave some of your favorite Wikipedia paths to distraction in the comments 🙂


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