Digital Photo Frames

My mother recently had a milestone birthday (she would kill me if I mentioned which one), so I started researching digital photo frames, and finally settled on a brand that I had never heard of before, but that was the top recommendation of Consumer Reports.  It is always a crapshoot ordering photo frames or TV’s from the internet where you can not view the quality in advance, but I felt pretty safe with the CR recommendation.  The box arrived from B&H yesterday, and I spent today loading it up with photos. 

The photo frame I picked up was the SmartParts SP8EM, and the quality is absolutely awesome.  For some reason, the manufacturer does not have a direct link to more information, but you can find it easily at:  This particular model has an 8″ LCD at 800×600, and supports the alphabet of flash media (Secure Digital (SD); MultiMedia Card (MMC); Extreme Digital (xD); MemoryStick (MS); Compact Flash (CF)).

The quality of the pictures is absolutely stunning, and stands head and shoulders above the Kodak frame I bought just a few months ago.  It looks absolutely great, and my mom loves having pictures of the grandkids in a beautiful frame.  SmartParts frames get the Sean Seal of Approval 🙂


(No, I did not get compensation for this review, and have no financial interest in the company, just a happy customer)
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  1. smearp says:

    Wow!  Scared me there 😉  That really is an insidious attack vector!  Fortunately, it looks like the virus-ridden digital photo frame was a discontinued model carried by Best Buy (and my antivirus didn’t complain when I hooked up the frame).  More on the virus here:


  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t mean to rain on your parade–but don’t forget to scan it for viruses as was reported to be found in some digital photo frames this past week.