How do I run my IT shop?

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Alright... If you run an IT shop, and would like to run a tighter ship; or if you just started at the Help Desk and would like to understand the different functions of running a well managed IT Shop, or if you are the kind of person that clicks on every "free e-books" link from DIGG, you will want to read through the guides below.  My standard "these are great for getting smarter, passing certifications, or going into job interviews" still apply. 

In short, the Microsoft Operations Framework includes 22 (unless I counted wrong) Service Management Functions.  These functions (such as Security Management, Workforce Management, Capacity Management, etc) will be found in most IT shops (although if you work in a small enough company, you may serve as the Security Manager, Infrastructure Manager, and HR Generalist... these guides are still useful).

Pick one, read it, and you will be smarter when you are done.  If you like the one you read, you can download the rest of the chapters to read offline (or online... whatever floats your boat).

MOF Service Management Functions

Service Management Functions (SMFs) provide operational guidance for Microsoft technologies employed in computing environments for information technology applications. SMFs are a core part of Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF), which provides guidance through courses, services, guides, and other media that enable organizations to achieve mission-critical system reliability, availability, supportability, and manageability of IT solutions.

Download individual chapters of the SMF Operations Guide

Figure 1: Relationship of MOF process model, quadrants, and SMFs

See full-sized image.

Listed below are chapters of the SMF Operations Guide:

Availability Management

Capacity Management

Change Management

Configuration Management

Directory Services Administration

Financial Management

Incident Management

Infrastructure Engineering

Job Scheduling

MOF Service Management Function Overview

Network Administration

Problem Management

Release Management

Security Administration

Security Management

Service Continuity Management

Service Desk

Service Level Management

Service Monitoring and Control

Storage Management

System Administration

Workforce Management

Download individual chapters of the SMF Operations Guide

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