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Visual Studio® Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server and Team Suite VPC Image (Trial)

Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server is an integrated collaboration server for Visual Studio Team System. It combines team portal, version control, work item tracking, build management, process guidance, and business intelligence into a unified server. It allows everyone on the team to collaborate more effectively and deliver better quality software.

Microsoft ® Visual Studio® Team System an integrated Application Life-cycle Management (ALM) solution comprising tools, processes, and guidance to help everyone on the team improve their skills and work together more effectively.

To learn more about this release, please visit the Visual Studio Team System 2008 home page and the Team Foundation Server Developer Center.

This virtual machine is running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, SP2. It contains a full installation of Team Foundation Server 2008, Team Build 2008, Team Explorer 2008, Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite and all necessary prerequisites. Team Foundation Server is installed in workgroup authentication mode and thus does not require a domain controller.

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