Daylight Savings Time at Microsoft

I just saw the following come through my email, and thought that I would share (as I don't see anything already posted about this…)

In last couple of weeks, the Exchange team has been getting increased call volume around Error 0x80004005 (DST). Some of the following are known causes for the issue, which might reduce turnaround time of resolution with your customer.

 Error 0x80004005

Currently identified causes:

* The tool was not able to find any time zone values in the mailbox of the specific users.  To resolve this, try adding ReadCalendarTimeZones=1 to the MsExTmz.ini file to force the tool to examine recurring calendar items for time zone information.  You can create a new input file by using the DNs from the error log you received from the last run.

 * Unable to process mailbox /O=CONTOSO/OU=FIRST ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=TESTMB01 - 0x80004005:  Carefully review the legacyExchangeDN and make any corrections as necessary.  Using ADSIEdit to copy/paste the value can ensure accuracy.

 * You are referencing tzmove.exe from the wrong directory.  Either extract the downloaded install into the folder where MsExTmz resides or update the MsExTmz.ini to include a full path to where tzmove.exe is installed on the workstation you are using. 

NOTE:  When you download the Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook, the tzmove.exe file is the installer for the actual tool.  Referencing the installer will result in errors when you run MsExTmz.

 * The account you are using to run MsExTmz does not have full mailbox permissions and has not been delegated the proper Exchange permissions.  To resolve this, run the "Grant Mailbox Permission" script from an Exchange Server computer.

Daylight Saving Time Open Q & A Sessions

Microsoft product and engineering experts will be on hand to take customer and partner questions online and live during the session.

Future External Customer Web Casts/Live Meetings are also posted at

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